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What type of vehicles are used for wildlife viewing?

Lodges in Latin America typically use covered-top 4x4s to protect you from the elements during some of the longer drives and road transfers in places like Patagonia, the Pantanal and the Atacama desert. 

All our tailor-made trips are sold on a 'shared vehicle' basis. However, many of our guests have special interests, be it photography or birding, or perhaps they just want to be on their own so that they can dictate the pace without worrying about the interests of other guests, and will request a private vehicle. Private vehicles and guides can be arranged, at an extra cost. We can only guarantee a private vehicle and guide if this has been booked in advance, as some reserves have restrictions on the number of vehicles they can operate by law and we cannot guarantee that the lodge will have a spare vehicle and a spare guide available to book on arrival.

If you require a private vehicle, please inform us in advance and we will make the necessary arrangements.

In certain areas, wildlife may also be viewed from boats, canoes or pontoons, via hot-air balloon, microlight, on horseback, bicyle and on foot. Activities in the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, the Pantanal and Antarctica are usually done via small motorized boats or inflatable zodiacs.