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What is there to buy in Latin America?

Latin America is home to chic and cosmopolitan cities such as Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Santiago, Mexico City, La Paz and Lima, all of which are great shopping destinations with bespoke shops that can go toe-to-toe with those in most European capitals. These cities boast of home-grown one-of-a-kind designer clothing and furniture shops and galleries. For the more intrepid shopper, most large cities around the continent have fascinating street markets where one can bargain for and purchase vintage clothing and other goods from all over the continent.

Some of these cities are also home to world-class - albeit more intimate - shopping malls (comparable to those in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo) with a wide selection of clothing, furniture and home accessories from local and international designers and artists.

At airports and in tourist towns such as Iguazu, Manaus and Cusco you will find curio markets and roadside stalls where you can buy local textiles, jewelry and other arts and crafts. In general souvenirs and curios are inexpensive and Asian-style price haggling is recommended.

Most reputable shops in larger cities will be able to arrange shipping of your purchase to Asia at extra cost.