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Does A2A Journeys support environmental, community and wildlife conservation programmes in Latin America?

Taking a leaf our of our Africa experience, we have selected our strategic partners in Latin America based not just on the quality of their offerings, but also on their commitment to sustainable tourism, local community involvement, and their roles in preserving the continent's remaining wilderness areas.

A2A Journeys, together with our partners, take our contribution to sustainable conservation seriously. We are all driven by the need to share the wonders of Latin America with our clients, but understand clearly the need to help protect its parks, reserves and wilderness areas and wildlife that draws us there. We also believe in the need to uplift and empower the communities living closest to the areas we support, and help ensure that these people can derive direct benefits from wildlife-based tourism.

In Africa, our partners recognised many years ago that communities who live in, or border on wildlife areas have key conservation roles and undeniable rights. Wherever possible, they have involved these communities in wealth generation through tourism, training processes, the transfer of skills, and in the decision-making process. We are keen to support like-minded partners in Latin America to encourage the development of a win-win model where communities are directly involved in the protection of their environment.

Closer to home, with our roots in Asia, we are in a unique position to supplement western-funded, conservation-focused NGOs by educating our client base on the importance of protecting the land they long to explore. Indeed, since inception, we have set aside significant – and still growing – funding to educate the Asian market on conservation and going forward a portion of this funding will be earmarked to support Latin America conservation projects.

A2A Safaris directly and indirectly supports many conservation, community and township programmes all over Africa and are adopting the same model in Latin America. You will be pleased to know that a significant portion of the cost of your trip will help sustain various worthwhile projects.