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Across our Experiences pages, you will find a host of trip ideas and inspirations to aid your planning. Or, please contact us and we will be delighted to customise a holiday that is perfect for you. That is our speciality!

Festivals, fashion, fine wines or fishing - whatever tickles your fancy. At A2A, we are here to arrange the perfect trip dedicated to what you enjoy most. 

Small GroupsAt A2A Journeys, we specialise in fully bespoke trips to suit individual travellers, whether it be a solo traveller, couple, family or a group of friends. From multigenerational family trips, to global leadership organisations such as YPO, we have also arranged many tailor-made small group trips, centred around shared values, milestone events and designed to suit specific interests. To keep these trips exclusive, we can advise on the best properties to commandeer or boats to charter based on your group size.

We can arrange lunches or dinners at private estates, viewings of private art collections, private charter flights, cooking courses with renowned chefs - the list goes on. Travelling in a small group can make some of the most exclusive experiences accessible and affordable. From a boys’ fishing trip in Patagonia to female bonding on an art and architecture tour through Mexico, you name it and we can arrange. For special interest group itineraries, a number of 8-12 participants is the ideal size that works best.
Travelling with a disability
Travelling with a disability or chronic illness of any description can add a whole new level of complexity to exploring overseas. Accessibility, amenities and general logistics are just some of the barriers that may make that bucket-list trip seem daunting, before we even throw in language issues, but we work with a great network of partners across Latin America and have arranged many complex trips for our clients - through meticulous planning and sound, first-hand advice on the practicalities of the region.
Where the disability is physical, hurdles such as cobbled colonial streets or steep Inca steps can sometimes be a challenge for those with mobility issues. We can advise on these potential pitfalls when choosing your destination. Some places will be more easy to access than others when travelling but, with enough forward planning, even tough to reach destinations such as Machu Picchu, Patagonia or Easter Island can prove to be accessible for everyone.
We are here to guide you through each of your concerns and ensure that everything is arranged on the ground, from accessible, specially-adapted hotel rooms and locally hired equipment such as wheelchairs where necessary, to suitable and understanding guides, to ensure that your well-earned break will be highly regarded as a journey of a lifetime.
Wellness and Spiritual Journeys
Ancient civilisations of Latin America, from the Olmecs, Aztecs and Maya of Mexico and Central America down to the Inca Empire of the Andean region, have long incorporated into their culture many healing rituals including steam baths, and massage treatments using hot stones, aromatic herbs, animal fats and oils. In many countries, traditional medicine still plays a prominent role in healthcare. Drawing upon these age-old traditions, Latin America is the perfect destination for modern-day wellness and spiritual retreats, with the focus being on finding inner peace and balance.
From yoga practice on a private beach cove on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, to eco-retreats in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in where we now know as Peru, we can suggest the perfect programme for you to relax and recharge in the way that best suits you, be it a detoxing week of adventure spa on Brazil’s Ilha Grande or a wellness festival on Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa (beautiful beach in English). Perhaps you envision your journey of spiritual significance in the form of a pilgrimage.
Scattered across Latin America are multiple sacred shrines which draw in tens of thousands of pilgrims. The majority of the pilgrimages are predominately Catholic, often with roots in pre-Columbian religious tradition. For those of faith who wish to add the divine element of a pilgrimage to their trip, we are happy to arrange it. One such great example is the annual September pilgrimage to the Chapel of Señor de Huanca, near Cusco. An overnight hike of approximately six hours leads to the chapel high above the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Its two water sources are believed to have miraculous healing powers.
Flowers and Gardening
Latin America is home to the world’s single most biodiverse habitat - the Amazon rainforest, where scientists believe 80% of the world’s flowering plant species grow, making it an unbeatable choice for floral enthusiasts. The region claims six of the world’s most biodiverse countries in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela - their staggering variety of flora is any horticulturist’s dream. Environments range from wetlands and coastal ecosystems to deserts, tropical forests, extensive savannah grasslands and high-altitude Andean habitats hosting an impressive range of species. Colombia and Ecuador battle it out for the title ‘Orchid Capital of the World’, each boasting impressive numbers of over 4,000 species.
Competition between these neighbouring countries is also fierce in the realm of roses, with Ecuador staking claim to the best roses in the world – it undoubtedly produces those with the fullest bloom. For those with a particular interest in flowers, we can arrange bespoke trips with specialist guides, botanists and horticulturists who are happy to share their expert knowledge with you.
One of the most impressive displays of flower power is Medellin’s annual Feria de las Flores (flower festival), a spectacle not to be missed. During the first week of August, the city erupts in a burst of fragrant colours as they celebrate the city’s largest festival, paying homage to the multitude of blooms found in and around the city.
A bit more challenging to time, but perhaps the most impressive of all floral phenomena is the ‘desierto florido’ or flowering desert which occurs roughly every five to seven years in the arid Atacama Desert when rains cause buried seeds to germinate and bloom into a magnificent carpet of flowers.

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