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Solo travel, if designed well, can be a very rewarding travel experience: start early or late, eat whatever and whenever you want, or spend as much or as little time in a sight. And meet like-minded travelers and make lifelong friends along the way. A2A's travel specialists travel solo often when checking out properties around the region - so we know the best tips and tricks to help plan your ideal trip with meticulous pre-planning and full support on the ground.

Solo travelers find themselves in a unique position of being able to full immerse themselves in Latin America, throwing themselves into the local culture and experiencing all the destination has to offer without any compromise on the focus or duration of their trip. The freedom that comes with travelling alone appeals to many of our clients for a variety of reasons. Travelling solo can also be a daunting experience, particularly to the far-flung and less-explored continent of Latin America, where English is not always widely spoken. Navigating such a vast continent, concerns over safety or language barriers may make even the most seasoned lone ranger hesitant. Allow us to design an unforgettable solo trip for you.  Joining a small group 

A great starting point for travellers who might prefer companionship on their travels is a small-group escorted tour. From Galapagos or Antarctic cruises, to lodge to lodge treks or designated riding holidays, there are a variety of trips we can arrange where you would join a group for either the majority or small section of your trip. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and share your travel experiences, not to mention the economical benefits. Many of the lodges we work with in the remote wilderness, be it Patagonia, the Atacama Desert, the Pantanal or the Amazon offer shared excursions and family-style dining which encourages interaction with other guests when desired and can often lead to the forging of life-long friendships.  

Avoiding single supplements

Travelling solo can often lead to escalating costs on a trip, as you are shouldering the cost of lodging and guides alone. Many of the lodges, treks or boats mentioned above do implement a single supplement. However, often this can be waived if you sign up on a ‘willing to share basis’ which would mean sharing a room or cabin with someone of the same sex. Depending on final numbers, you may even find yourself in your own room at no additional cost! Some boats have designated single cabins and occasionally these are priced at the same rate as shared. Lodges also run special offers from time to time, whereby the single supplement is not charged, particularly in the low or shoulder season. Please speak to our team for their sound, up-to-date, unbiased advice on the best options for you.

Fully private trips

For those who relish the idea of hitting the road alone and would prefer an entirely individual, customised tour, we can certainly help there too. With our unrivalled, in-depth knowledge of Latin America, fantastic relationships with properties and top-level specialist guides, we have everything at our fingertips to design the trip for you, whatever that may look like.  Enjoy the freedom to set your own pace and schedule, indulging your own personal interests.

Choosing your destination

As with any trip, the best destination choice will be very much down to the individual and their interests – and the beauty of going it alone is that this choice will be entirely down to you! That said some destinations and indeed properties do lend themselves more readily to solo travel than others. For example, for Antarctica whose vast landscapes and vaster silence, organically create an introspective mood, solo travel is perhaps the perfect mode of travel. The almost guaranteed, fellow singles on-board allow the perfect balance between comradery and alone time. On the other hand, romantic hideaways, where candle-lit dinners and rose-filled bathtubs set the tone, can leave the lone adventurer feeling like more of a third wheel and may be best left to the honeymoon crowd. Our team have all travelled extensively, on solo trips, within the region and will be very happy to share impartial tips on the best way to do it.

Sociable dining and group activities

For those who would prefer the freedom of travelling alone but like the flexibility of joining a group for certain activities we can incorporate these opportunities into your itinerary. Certain activities necessitate joining others, such a mini-trekking on Perito Moreno Glacier or river rafting. In other circumstances prohibitive costs or simply a desire to socialise may mean you decide to join a small group for certain tours, treks or activities.

Often solo travelers miss mingling most over meals, sharing stories over good food and wine. We can arrange a number of street food tours, interactive cooking demonstrations or supper clubs such as the Argentine puertas cerradas which allow you to share with fellow gourmands – locals and like-minded globetrotters alike.

Female solo travellers

As a single traveller, your safety and security are assured from the time you arrive in Latin America and you will be in the company of professionals during your entire trip. We understand that this may be of particular concern to female travelers going it alone and our itineraries are all designed with this in mind. For those who opt for a willing share basis, your room companion will always be female. For those who would feel more comfortable travelling with a female guide please just let us know in advance, so that we may meet this request throughout your travels.

There is a fresh feeling of freedom to traveling alone: you are in charge and go at your own rhythm. You may learn independence, enjoy the "me time" or even learn to appreciate loneliness. And like many A2A Travellers who have traveled on their own, once you’ve done your first solo trip, you may realise that travelling solo is quite simply the only way to travel.

Solo travel is certainly growing in popularity every year, particularly among women travelers, and it’s always getting easier. 

And you will never be truly alone. 

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