Latin America’s incredibly rich and varied culture is, understandably, one of its main draws.

Dating back thousands of years and continuing right through to the present day, the continent is blessed with a unique cultural offering, thanks to the many different influences which have left their mark throughout history.

Whether your interests lie in a visit to the mystical Moai statues on Easter Island or the ruins of ancient empires in Peru, the impressive architecture seen in the churches and palaces left behind by Spanish or the contemporary work of so many current Latin American artists, you can’t help but be completely absorbed by the vibrancy of the culture all around.

Much of Latin America is still devoutly religious, and throughout the year there are some incredible religious holidays – it is well worth trying to coordinate your holiday with one of these if you can. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a particularly interesting time to travel to the region. Celebrations differ, but in Cusco you can expect to see thousands of people thronging the streets to throw flowers at the crucifix as it passes along in a procession and in Arequipa the burning of Judas’ effigy symbolizes an act of justice and punishment.

Over in Central America, Guatemala enjoys the most flamboyant celebrations, where you will see thousands of locals dressed in elaborate costumes and the street covered in intricate carpets, known as alfombras, made of colourful sawdust and flowers.

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