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From mountain bike rides under the shadow of the majestic Andes Mountains to ziplining over the Amazon's rich canopy, or short treks on advancing glaciers in Patagonia to multi-day high-altitude treks, level-five rafting, heli-skiing and other high adrenaline thrills - you will find adventure around every corner in Latin America. And for the explorers, Antarctica and the Arctic offer the most remote expeditions on Earth.

Latin America is an adventurer and explorer's dream continent, packed with an incredible array of adventurous excursions and expeditions.

Epic Road Trips

Let's hit the road Jack! Whether it be the legendary Southern Pan-American Highway from northern Colombia to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of the continent, around the otherworldly Altiplano, through the Incan heartlands, on Argentina’s mythical Ruta 40, Chile's Carretera Austral or through jaguar-rich Transpantaneira highway, your options are endless.

Comfortable and robust 4x4s with expert, safe drivers take you on a scenic and spiritual journey, stopping for photos and stretching your legs whenever you want to, taking in an al fresco lunch spot for the ultimate picnic, and ending each day with a gorgeous sunset at a charming lodge or boutique home to recharge, before setting off again for another day of adventure and surprises.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, plot your own diaries by tracing sections of Che Guevara and Alberto Granado's life-altering journey up the spine of South America, an 8,000-mile trip starting in Cordoba via Buenos Aires and the seaside city of Miramar before crossing the barren pampas and ascending into the Andes, and ending in the Amazon.

The Inca Trail is undeniably the most famous trek in Peru, if not South America; however, this trail is now walked by so many tourists we feel it has lost much of its lustre and cache. Thus, we focus our Peru treks on the more pristine, off the beaten trails along the Sacred Valley and its surrounds, traversing the most stunning snow-capped peaks, open valleys and jewel-coloured lagoons, some culminating in majestic Machu Picchu and some in even more sacred and much less touristy places such as Choquequirao, which is considered to be one of the last Incan sites to hold out before succumbing to the Spanish. 

In Patagonia’s Torres del Paine, the legendary W Trek covers incredible sights including the Grey Glacier, French Valley, the Tower Base and many more - a mind-bending experience. Across the border in El Chalten, tackle the trekking capital of Argentina for one of the best views of the iconic Mount Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares National Park. We also organise several half-day or full-day treks at many of the beautiful locations in Patagonia and throughout the continent - from a spectacular summit just outside of La Paz in Bolivia to an active volcano in Ecuador, a lost city in Colombia, a hidden waterfall in Guyana, a secret archaeological site on remote Easter Island, or a barefoot trek over sand dunes in Brazil. Whether you prefer an easy, moderate or challenging hike, there are treks to suit different levels of fitness. 

For all our treks, you will be led by highly experienced, fit and knowledgeable guides and a support crew, and for the multi-day programmes, you will end each day with a delicious meal and comfortable sleeping accommodations, sometimes under the stars.

South America is twice the size of Europe, and is anything but flat, with many unpaved roads and temperamental wind and weather conditions - where one can cycle 70 kilometres per day on one route, but only 25 kilometres on a higher altitude or unpaved road. This uncertainty is what makes it one of the most satisfying continents in the world to cycle. Whether along Chile and Argentina and the beautiful mountains and landscapes of the Lake District, or an exciting mountain bike exploration of the Sacred Valley, or over Colombia’s Emerald Mountain, or on Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flat, these journeys will certainly get your heart and mind pumping.

White Water Rafting
When the snow melts from the 20,000-plus foot peaks of the Andes Mountains, it flows into some of the most incredible rivers. Chile’s Rio Futaleufú in Patagonia is backdropped by its wondrous snow-capped peaks and rivers in Peru, Ecuador and Argentina contain turquoise green waters, interesting rapids as well as hikes with spectacular vistas, making South America one of the world’s premier rafting destinations. A whitewater rafting trip on this continent is the perfect adventure and the best way to experience its pristine rivers including Peru’s quartet of Rio Rio Cañete, Rio Apurimac, Rio Cotahuasi and Rio Colca, and Argentina’s Rio Manso. For veteran rafters, there are Class V rapids from the snow-capped Andes down to the Mendoza Valley and many more.

In Australia, they’re known as “flying foxes” and in the UK, as “aerial runways”; the South Africans call them “foofy slides” and in Italian-speaking Switzerland, they’re “tirolesi”. Latinos call them ziplines, as they’re also referred to in the US, and it involves riding down one or more cables to experience the thrill of flight, propelled by the force of gravity. It is the perfect activity for those wishing to conquer their fear of heights, combining a thrilling adventure with a unique way of seeing forest canopies and other vistas from above. South America, with its large tracts of forests, possibly has the most number of ziplines in the world. The most well-known area for ziplining and canopy touring is the Amazon but there are a wealth of options around the continent. The continent's longest zipline is in Monteverde, Costa Rica, which goes for almost one mile, with the ride lasting almost two minutes!

The ultimate thrill! The Andes Mountains are the second highest in the world and the vertical drop on any given run can be as much as 5,000 feet or more. Very few areas in the world can claim the dramatic scenery or vertical drops of the snowy Andes. Argentina and Chile -  and their respective sections of Patagonia - have a monopoly when it comes to this activity and multi-day, multi-country itineraries are available. Heli-skiing and the more casual heli-boarding are two of the wildest adventures on Earth!

Once in a Lifetime Expeditions
Adventure travel’s final frontier - we explore remote areas such as the vast, empty and otherworldly Altiplano in Bolivia, and Argentina's even more ethereal Puna desert next door. Let us take you on a magical journey along endless salt flats, lava fields, technicolour lagoons, and pumice stone fields; as well as collapsed, dormant and active volcanoes; shifting and petrified dunes; and many other lunar landscapes and geological wonders. 

Trace Sir Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps backwards from South Georgia to Elephant Island to the Antarctic Peninsula. Immerse in lectures narrating Sir Ernest Shackleton’s journey with his crew, who in early 1915 abandoned their ice-trapped ship ‘Endurance’ to live on floating ice, eventually reaching Elephant Island in three small boats, before making an impossible journey on the Southern Ocean to the whaling stations of South Georgia. Their heroics and Shackleton’s legendary efforts to rescue his men are part of Antarctica’s inspiring human history. Visit Shackleton’s final resting place in Grytviken and other historical sites of past explorers on the wildlife-rich island of South Georgia.

Antarctica has some of the most remote peaks on Earth to scale, from the continent's highest summit, the Vinson Massif, to its tallest volcano, Mount Siddley. The holy grail of exploration, the South Pole is the ultimate goal for explorers and adventurers alike. Cross international date and time lines in seconds by strolling across the points where all longitudinal lines converge. Set foot on the two South Poles, the magnetic and the geographic - by foot, if you are up for a challenge. And visit a remote emperor penguin colony while you are in the neighbourhood!

In the High Arctic, traverse the western gateway to the world's most elusive watercourse – the Northwest Passage - via the icy waves of the Beaufort Sea and threading the choking channels between the High Arctic Islands. For centuries, attempts were made to cross the passage to find a shorter route between Europe and Asia. None were successful until Norwegian Roald Amundsen finally succeeded in 1906. The Passage is still inaccessible for most parts of the year and only a few expeditions achieve the full Northwest Passage crossing attempt in the summer.

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