Sandwiched between the US to the north and Central America to the south, Mexico is often a little misunderstood, and unfairly so. Yes, it may have a few resorts and cruise liners which cater to mass tourism, but these are easily avoided, and with a history dating back some three millennia, you’ll find a country bursting with culture and cuisine, not to mention jungles, mountains, deserts, beaches and some fabulous cities.

You could easily spend an entire week immersing yourself in Mexico as there is so much to do and see here. Grand palaces, fascinating museums, ancient Aztec ruins and world class luxury shopping districts are just some of the ways you might like to spend a day or two in the city.

Oaxaca and Chiapas, to the south of Mexico City, is one of our favourite regions and here you can enjoy some of the country’s finest attractions. Holding the esteemed title of Mexico's culinary capital, the beautiful colonial city of Oaxaca is surrounded by small villages where much of Mexico’s most recognizable traditional artworks are produced.  Oaxaca is also home to the Zapotec ruins of Monte Alban.

In neighbouring Chiapas, explore the ancient Maya Ruins of Yaxchilan and Bonampak tucked deep in the jungle, take a power boat trip through the imposing Sumidero Canyon and discover the intriguing mix of colonial and indigenous cultures which mingle in the hilltop town of San Cristobal de las Casas.

Over to the east of the country, the Yucatan Peninsula might be best known for the palm fringed Caribbean beaches, but step inland, and you will soon find yourself immersed in quaint towns and villages, while nearby dozens of Mayan temples are waiting to be explored.

For a true taste of ‘Mexican Cowboy Country’, brace yourself for an adventure in the Copper Canyon. Home to one of the few remaining indigenous tribes in Mexico, the Tarahumara, this hidden gem is considerably bigger than its North American cousin, but attracts far fewer visitors. Take a trip on the most scenic leg of the Chihuahua al Pacifico railway, step back in time with a visit to the 19th Century mining village of Batopilas in the depths of the Canyon, or discover remote Tarahumara villages as part of a memorable hiking trip in this pristine wilderness.

Across the Sea of Cortez, Baja California is another fabulous adventure option. Get up close and personal with the grey whales at Magdalena Bay, snorkel, kayak and hike around Espiritu Santo Island, surf the waves at Los Cerritos beach or simply end your holiday with a few nights of pure relaxation at one of the country’s most exquisite resorts around Los Cabos.


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Sample Itinerary for Mexico

Classic itinerary description.
9 Nights / 10 Days • Starting at US$ 4,600 per person
Day 1-2

Arrive in Mexico City where you will be staying in the upmarket Polanco District at the contemporary Las Alcobas Boutique Hotel. Spend a full day with your guide visiting the city, including the Palacio Nacional and La Casa Azul, former home of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Day 3-5

A short flight south takes you south to the city of Oaxaca, where you will spend the next three nights at the charming Casa Oaxaca hotel in the heart of the colonial centre. For the next few days you will be out exploring Zapotec ruins and indigenous villages, hiking, biking and riding through the unusual scenery of the Sierra Norte and of course sampling some of Mexico’s best cuisine.

Day 6-7

Travel east to Chiapas where you will enjoy a boat trip through the Sumidero Canyon, before travelling up to the hillside town of San Cristobal de las Casas where you will be staying at the boutique Hotel Bo. Visit the church of San Juan de Chamula, where the Tzotzil community observe traditional prayer rituals in a church still adorned with Christian statues from the colonial days.

Day 8-9

Descend into the jungle of Palenque, where you will spend a full day exploring the remote Mayan sites of Yaxchilan and Bonampak. Bonampak, which means painted walls, is famed for its beautifully preserved frescoes, while primal Yaxchilan is buried deep in the forest and accessible only by boat. You will be staying at the charming Quinta Chanab Nal.

Day 10

After a morning visit to the impressive ruins of Palenque, return to Mexico City in time for your international flight home.

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