Don't miss an opportunity to visit one of the world's most unique destinations. Cuba, the Caribbean's largest island, is also it's most fascinating, where you will find enchanting colonial cities, stunning countryside, crystal clear seas and friendly locals.

It is almost impossible to describe Cuba. Iconic images of rum, cigars, classic American cars, Che Guevara and Castro make it all seem very familiar, but after a visit to this enchanting island, you’ll realise there is so much more to this communist Caribbean outpost. While it may not boast an abundance of luxury hotels or fine dining restaurants, this is all part of what makes Cuba so special. And with relations thawing with its northern neighbour, Cuba looks set for big change, so we suggest heading there sooner rather than later to soak up that indescribable Cuban vibe before it is lost forever.

Start your trip in Havana, arguably one of the most beautiful and alluring cities in the Americas. The once crumbling colonial buildings of Habana Vieja (the Old Town) are being carefully restored thanks to UNESCO funding and the city’s impressive, if somewhat eclectic, architecture can be admired in the Baroque Cathedral, the Capitolio (which is an exact replica of the Capitol in Washington DC) or the Art Deco era Edificio Bacardi.

The more modern part of the city is also well worth a visit, and the perfect excuse to hop into a chauffeur driven Classic American Car. Cruise along the seafront Malecon, stop for a Mojito at the historic Hotel Nacional, check-out Cuba’s vibrant art scene with a visit the home of the Caribbean’s answer to Picasso, Jose Fuster, and catch a glimpse of a mysterious Santería ritual.

A2A knows all there is to know about the city. Whether you want a private concert by one of the city’s leading orchestras, a sneak peek at the morning rehearsal of the National Ballet Company or dinner with one of the legendary surviving members of the Buena Vista Social Club, we can make it happen.

Outside Havana, head west to explore the Vinales Valley, Cuba’s primary tobacco-growing region. The beautiful landscape is spiked with huge limestone peaks called Mogotes and the laid-back pace of life here makes it an ideal antidote to the city. Farmers trot down dusty tracks on horseback, oxen are still used to plough the land and seeds are sown by hand – it is little wonder that hand-rolled Cuban cigars are second to none.

On the south coast, Trinidad is a perfectly preserved Spanish colonial town, where pastel-coloured houses line narrow cobblestone streets. Horses and donkeys replace cars and guitar-wielding musicians strike up impromptu concerts on the main square, where locals and tourists alike salsa the night away under the stars. 


Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest is home to more un-contacted tribes than anywhere else on earth. Around 80 isolated groups are believed to live in the forest, some of which are nomadic hunter gatherers, while others are more settled, living in communal houses and planting crops and fishing to live on.

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