Horse and Camel Rides

Gallop on horseback with herds of wild zebras and giraffes, or immerse yourself into a family of elephants as you explore the African wilderness with these highly intelligent creatures.

A typical safari takes you out on game drives in a 4WD, driving along roads, and sometimes going off-road in private concessions, in search of wildlife and then viewing them unobtrusively from your vehicle. But imagine how it would feel to be integrated with nature and the wildlife on horseback, or on a camel, allowing you to explore areas that are inaccessible by a vehicle.

Game viewing from a different perspectiveViewing wildlife perched high on the back of a horse or a camel is an awe-inspiring experience as wild animals are more relaxed when approached by other four-legged creatures. These activities can range from a couple of hours to a full-day or even multi-days for the keen rider.

Safaris on horsebackThe main attraction of a horse safari is to be able to ride fit and well-trained horses over just about every terrain and landscape filled with wild game. The riding is varied, sometimes quietly walking and following big game and admiring the birdlife, and sometimes cantering through open plains alongside galloping giraffes and antelopes.

Highly experienced guides will share with you their intimate knowledge of the African bush, using the horses to allow for closer proximity to other animals. Non-riding spouses and children can enjoy the many alternative activities including game drives, boating, walking and fishing.

Chic camel rides in the bushIn northern Kenya, walking safaris using camels to carry supplies enables guests to travel in style in raw and relatively unexplored territory. One or two riding camels are always available so guests can have their own epic ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ style experience.

Learn about elephants in a wild settingAbu Camp in the Okavango Delta in Botswana offers an unparalleled opportunity to walk and interact with African elephants in a totally wild setting. The experience will transform your perception of elephants, wildlife and maybe even your outlook on life itself.

Here you can explore the bush with iconic elephants and get to know the personalities of each family member, from playful babies to precocious teenagers and doting mothers, all led by the wise and experienced matriarch. By the time you leave Abu Camp, you will feel a special and emotional connection to the herd.

Please know that we DO NOT support or arrange elephant riding safaris. We also DO NOT support or arrange walking with lions and lion petting activities.

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