Going on safari does not mean you need to sacrifice luxury, comfort and service. On the contrary, you will be blown away as you experience the safari camps and lodges in our portfolio. And we guarantee you will be spoiled by the highly personalised service on offer.

Our selection of safari lodges, tented camps and hotels have been carefully handpicked to guarantee high standards of comfort while our clients immerse in the wonders of the remote African wilderness.

Our portfolio comprises a range of accommodation styles to suit different personalities and preferences, as we believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” in a bespoke, luxury safari to Africa.

In addition to top-notch amenities on par with many 5-star luxury properties that most in Asia are accustomed to, you will surely be pampered by the sincerity and warmth of true African hospitality.

Most importantly, A2A Safaris takes our contribution to conserving these wild places very seriously. We select partners who are committed to sustainable tourism, local communities and preserving Africa’s remaining wilderness areas and wildlife. Through these practices, our clients are able to travel with as minimal footprint as possible.

African Avant-Garde

If you enjoy luxury hotels, lodges and camps that push the limits of innovative design & fascinating architecture – this collection of properties range from stylish lodges with a façade resembling nests built on and around giant boulders to “Instagram-famous” boutique hotels with large ‘pillowed’ glass windows and eclectic interiors built within what used to be an old grain mill.


Boutique Retreats
Local Gems

Our treasure trove of boutique retreats include stylish seaside villas, elegant farm estates, intimate private homes and more – all of which with an interesting story to tell. These are ideal places for those looking to sink into a slower pace and experience the unique charms of these destinations.


Out of Africa
Quintessential Tented Camps

Relive the magic and romance of the golden age of African safaris via some of our favourite luxury tented camps. In between exhilarating wildlife sightings, decompress under a dreamy canvas tent; beautifully furnished with a cosy four-poster bed, vintage chests, safari-chic rugs and the like on the inside, while surrounded by untamed wilderness on the outside.


Africa by Luxury Rail
Romantic Train Journeys

Experience everything there is to love about train travel – luxurious vintage train cars chugging through vast and majestic sceneries right outside your window, exquisite local cuisine and wines served up by the stellar crew, as well as time to slow down, unplug and indulge.

Old World Opulence
Grande Dames

Meet Africa’s hotel royalty. Historic landmarks that have seen world leaders, renowned artists and writers, as well as famous personalities mingle in their gardens and hallways, while others have taken advantage of their proximity to venerated attractions and opulent designs to become celebrated icons themselves.

The Great Outdoors
Star Beds

Falling asleep to the sounds of the bush under a blanket of shimmering stars definitely ranks very high on our favourite safari experiences. Our collection of Star Beds caters for all levels of comfort – from luxurious bedrooms set up atop gorgeous treehouses (complete with flushable loo and vanity unit nearby), to well-appointed beds rolled out onto your room’s extended gazebo, right down to “fly camping” dome tents or bed rolls under a mosquito net in the middle of nowhere. These might take you a bit out of your comfort zone, but we are willing to wager that they end up being your best safari experiences.


Sustainable Luxury
Eco Elegance

Enjoy some of the most luxurious accommodations that prioritise eco-friendly practices as much as they spoil guests with five-star service and legendary wildlife sightings. Thoughtfully designed with a “light footprint”, you will find many of these stunning camps and lodges built using locally sourced and/or recycled materials, powered by solar energy, have sophisticated waste management systems as well as other protocols in place to ensure they adhere to the strictest of environmental standards and conservation of their surroundings. The best part is – they are always happy for guests to take a peek behind-the-scenes to see how they do it!

What are safari tents and rooms like?

Safari Camps

Safari camps are often tented, but that does not mean that you will have to “rough it out”. Camps in our selection feature large (most often larger than hotel rooms) walk-in tents in a totally wild and natural setting.

Thick canvas with large windows or roll-up viewing panels make up the walls of the tents; allowing for good air circulation and for spotting wildlife passing through the camp, while keeping insects out. Inside, large beds with premium pillows, crisp linens and duvet, along with side and dressing tables, wardrobe, carpets, fans, as well as adjoining en-suite flush toilet, basins and shower with hot and cold running water.

Many camps even have an additional outdoor shower or bath ‘under the stars’ to bring you even closer to nature.

Safari Lodges

Representing a more bricks-and-mortar form of luxury accommodation in the wilderness, safari lodges allow guests to enjoy the comforts of a room within close proximity to the African bush. 

All rooms are fitted with most amenities you would expect from a 5-star luxury hotel anywhere else in the world like air-conditioning and WiFi (but perhaps without the TV). Guests are pampered with facilities such as a fully equipped gym, a spa, a curio shop, etc. 

Safari lodges tend to be larger in size; catering to different types of guests – from couples, families with young children and elderly, to groups of friends or even small management teams. For the safety of this wide spectrum of guests, it is common to find fences strategically fitted around the lodge to keep wildlife from coming too close.

Mobile Camps

Catering to those seeking the ultimate and authentic bush experience, mobile camps are the answer. 

Though these camps tend to be more rustic and simpler in design (as they need to be moved regularly to shadow wildlife movements), they are equally comfortable and special. These camps usually accommodate fewer guests and are set up in stunning private areas to take advantage of game movements – such as the wildebeest migration in Tanzania and Kenya.

Expect sturdy canvas tents with private verandahs, fitted with deluxe beds (with duvets, blankets and hot water bottles for the cooler months), en-suite toilets (usually eco-flush), basins, old-style bucket showers with hot and cold water, as well as good lighting.

Sleep Outs and Fly Camping

Certain safari lodges and camps offer special experiences for guests to get even closer to nature, by sleeping “outside”. 

Sleep outs are offered in few, specialised locations – particularly in desert areas – where there is little likelihood of rain and the clarity of light is pure and stunning. Beds are often set up on platforms some distance from the lodge or camp, so as not to be affected by any noise or light; offering complete privacy. Fly camping, on the other hand, is the simplest of camps set up in a remote location. Typically combined with a walking safari, camp staff will travel ahead to set up so that by the time you arrive, a fire is lit and a welcome drink is waiting for you.

You will not need to worry about any inquisitive animals during the night as camp staff will be keeping watch nearby while you sleep.


Power / electricity
All safari lodges and camps (with exception of sleep outs and fly camps) are powered by inverter generators or solar energy, ensuring that you will have electricity round the clock (if required). 

Drinking water
Purified water (most commonly by method of reverse osmosis filtration) is provided in carafes or flasks for all guests. Bottled mineral water can be provided too (if necessary), with advance notice.

Bathroom amenities
There is always a fresh supply of clean towels, face cloths and organic, eco-friendly soap, shampoo and body lotion for guests to use in their rooms or tents. Most safari lodges and camps provide bath robes and bedroom slippers as well.

All safari lodges and camps have mosquito netting and this will be set up for guests every evening. Rooms and tents are also sprayed on a regular basis with environmentally friendly chemicals effective against mosquitoes. Our partners have a remarkably good record in this regard. Additional insect repellent is provided in the room or tent for guests too.

You will definitely not be roughing it.

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