A Typical Day

Curious what a typical day on safari might be like?

Part of the safari “magic” comes from not knowing what animals, birds and little surprises are waiting to be discovered as you explore the area. On arrival, the camp managers and guides will help tailor each day’s programme to suit your needs as much as possible – be it going on guided nature walks, bird-watching, game drives, picnics and sundowners, or simply relaxing on your verandah.

Each safari day’s schedule may vary depending on the area that you will explore, the type of experiences that you would like to engage in, your personal interests and more. However, there are a number of activities that are consistent across many wilderness areas which most first-time safari-goers would participate in during their stay. Below is a rough guide of what to expect from a typical day on safari.

Glorious Dawn

Rise and shine! A friendly wake-up call and the dawn chorus of African birds indicate the start of an exciting day. Enjoy a hot coffee or tea, and head out for your morning game drive with your guide. Depending on the season and on your safari destination, it is possible to swap your game drive for a walk, canoe ride, catch-and-release fishing trip, or even a hot air balloon flight.


Game Drive

Some of the best game viewing usually takes place early mornings and late afternoons. Elephants drinking at a waterhole, lions on patrol or a pack of African wild dogs on the hunt. There are volumes of interesting animal facts and behaviours that you will learn about from your experienced guide! At some point, you will stop to stretch your legs and refuel with snacks and hot beverages.


Indulge in a hearty breakfast back in camp (or somewhere in the plains). If you’re still pumping with energy, some camps / lodges offer guided walks with an armed ranger before midday. This allows you to observe smaller curiosities such as birds and insects, as well as to learn about the traditional ways of life in the bush and the medicinal properties of various plants.


Lunch & Siesta

A delectable lunch will be served in camp. As wildlife activity slows down in the middle of the day (especially during the hotter months), it is a great time for you to soak up the stunning African views from your verandah, take a nap, go for a swim, read a book or organise your travel photos. It may also be possible to try your luck at spotting more wildlife from a nearby hide.


Back to the Bush

After a well-deserved rest, it is time to meet your guide for afternoon tea. Venture out for your second game drive of the day and continue to tick off the birds and mammals that you come across this afternoon. Depending on the season and on your safari destination, it is possible to swap the afternoon game drive for a horseback safari, a sunset cruise, or even a heli-flip.



As the sun sinks lower into the horizon, your guide will find another stunning spot to stop for sundowners – a wonderful safari tradition! Cocktails of your choice will be prepared, as you enjoy the incredible African sunset.


Night Drive

With the sun down, your game drive carries on into the night. Excitement grows as many nocturnal predators such as big cats are waking up from their daytime slumber to go out on the prowl, and their prey become more alert to the possible dangers lurking in the bush. More elusive creatures of the night are likely to emerge and your guide will point them out to you along the way.



Back in camp, a hot and refreshing shower awaits. This is followed by a sumptuous dinner spread, which may sometimes be served in an open-air boma (with lots of singing and dancing) or a surprise location under the stars.


Campfire & Stargazing

For those not ready to retire for the night, bond with your guide and fellow guests over a nightcap around the campfire as you stargaze, reminisce over the day’s highlights and swap travel stories.

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