The Mountains of the Moon
Rwenzori Mountains

The cost of a climb or trek in Rwenzoris is based on the number of days spent on the circuit. Each multi-day option includes the use of the park’s four rustic backcountry huts. Trekkers wanting only to reach the summit hut will need good hiking boots, rain gear, and warm base layers. Those wanting to climb Margherita Peak or any of the other summits will need to bring climbing hardware, crampons and ice axes. A Virunga ranger accompanies all trekkers and climbers, and independent porters are available for hire.

The flora and fauna of the Rwenzoris is equally diverse. Forest elephants, Okapis, chimpanzees, and numerous bird species make the Rwenzoris their home. The best weather in the Rwenzoris usually occurs from January through mid-March and June to late August.