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Great Guiding at Great Plains: Edwin Kiretu Senteu of Mara Toto, Kenya

Hi Edwin,

Tell us a little about yourself!?

I am from Chyulu Hills Area , Imbirikani Between Amboseli  and Tsavo West National Park
How long have you been guiding for ?  Five years, 4 and a half years at Ol Donyo Lodge and six months at the Mara at Mara Toto camp.
The animal that reminds you most of yourself and why?
Lion- Because when I was a kid I once got lost  in the bush in the late evening and I ended up spending the whole night in the bush at the age of 6 years. A  Lion guarded me the entire night and when I walked near the Buffalo or Elephant  it came close to me to protect me. It showed me all the way back to my village. My parents gave it a Goat to thank the Lion for keeping me safe. From then on whenever I see a Lion it reminds me of that day when the Lion saved my life.
Most embarrassing  moment: When a client is chatting in the car about personal things.
Most exciting guiding moments? When my guests are listening to me and asking me lots of questions in the car.
Goal in your career: Looking forward to once have my own camp site, manage and guide at the same time.
Place you dream of visiting:  America to see where all the guests are from.
Biggest Challenge facing community Conservation: Wildlife and human conflict.
Biggest opportunity facing community Conservation? Taking care of Wildlife.

Thanks, Edwin.