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Anshel Ma's Namibia


A2A Safaris I met during a press luncheon and like all travel services presented to us travel editors, we take things with a grain of salt, but when my original Easter travel plans went awry I decided this seemed like a perfect opportunity to test out the African travel specialist, hence I chose Namibia, a country that evokes imagery of wilderness to the extreme, and the fact I’ve been staring at the Soussevlei wallpaper for a decade.

What was provided completely blew me away. As a man whose mind wanders practically every millisecond, A2A not only got me form being borderline skeptical to being like a kid going on a school trip for the first time, they also managed to provide me with minute details about the entire trip that would make a micro-manager proud.

They arranged me an excellent guide Douw and his uber cool sidekick Fritz, and we covered the best parts of the Skeleton Coast and the national park. Camping in the wild is something to remember, especially when you notice hyena footprints in your campsite the morning after you turned in. They jokingly reassured me that I won’t end up being lion food by saying ‘we all gotta die someday anyway’ with their carefree attitude, but I was understandably super alert for five days straight but the lure of taking pictures of the incredible landscape and star-lit sky made me forget about the dangers that were lurking in the vast desert, and might I add, the pictures were stunning.

Another highlight of the trip is meeting the Himba people, who’s reddish skin colour came from a powder grinded from rocks to help them keep clean. Their eclectic fashion and style would surely inspire a few designers, but since I don’t have any cattle to my name sadly I’m not considered husband material.

Amazing guides, good food and interesting landscape and tribes, Namibia should be on everyone’s travel list and I can’t wait to set foot here again in the future. Who could resist a chance to encounter FOUR elusive black rhinos, in which Douw successfully located due to his vast knowledge of the land and to my opinion, his wild animal instincts? He may or may not have made animal noises to scare me, but they sure listen to him when he calls (the baboon mating call as he aptly puts it).