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10 Things I Want People to Know about Kenya – Dereck Joubert

Ten things I want people to know about Kenya.
By Dereck Joubert

This could be titled ‘Why I love Kenya’ so be ready for some unabashed positive messages about the country.

I keep coming across people who ask me if it’s safe in Kenya, and while at first I was surprised, having lived for some time in Johannesburg in South Africa, later I realized that people are reading the Kenyan situation all wrong. If you hang out in any bad neighborhood bad stuff is going to happen.

Olare Motorogi May Wildilfe Report – Mara Plains & Mara Toto, Kenya

As many of you know, Richard and Lorna are no longer managing Mara Plains (although they always have a seat at the table) and are onto other projects. Richard is the warden of the Olare Motorogi Conservancy while Lorna is assisting with community outreach.

In this capacity, we have Richard’s latest Olare Motorogi Wildlife report- May 2014.

It’s a must-read for all you wildlife junkies. #whyILoveKenya


January 2014 news – Mara Plains and Mara Toto, Kenya


Hello to you all from the plains, rivers, thickets and valleys of the central Mara ecosystem- the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. The year has started well in this area and on all fronts- The wildlife is midst a time of plenty, the game viewing is at it’s best, skies are clear, mornings crisp, and the days warm leading to great ‘cat-naps’ mid afternoon awaiting the evening action. ‘Do as the wildlife does’, after all, they have had tens of thousands of years to work out the best schedule.

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