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September News – Duba Plains, Botswana

September is a great month to spend time with the giants of Africa, elephants, as the water is drying up from most water holes making them follow the main streams. It is a warm month and to enjoy the cool breeze of the night that is complemented by the soothing smell of the wild sage one has to keep the tent flaps up. There is nothing that brings you closer to nature like getting a night surprise visit of an elephant coming to eat next to your tent in the full glow of the moon outside.

August news – Zarafa Camp, Botswana


Zarafa and its Dhow Suites would like to thank the many American citizens who made the long trip to Africa for their safari!

For our camp, August is traditionally an ‘American month’ with around 60% of our guests coming from overseas and this year was no exception. We wish you all safe travels back home and we hope to see you next winter. Oh! And for those of you who enjoy flexible work arrangements or are retired, please do not be a stranger and visit us even earlier. In November for example, it is a completely different ball game out here!

August news – Duba Plains – Botswana

Winter still lingers on. It seems like this year we’ve had a long winter as it’s unusual in the month of August to have freezing mornings, cool afternoons and chilly nights. Hot water bottles (bush babies) were handy in the night as one surprise everyone appreciated; ponchos also are put to work in the morning game drives making your safari comfortable as could be. Duba fire keeps blazing under the clear sky, making star gazing enjoyable at all times!!

10 Things I Want People to Know about Kenya – Dereck Joubert

Ten things I want people to know about Kenya.
By Dereck Joubert

This could be titled ‘Why I love Kenya’ so be ready for some unabashed positive messages about the country.

I keep coming across people who ask me if it’s safe in Kenya, and while at first I was surprised, having lived for some time in Johannesburg in South Africa, later I realized that people are reading the Kenyan situation all wrong. If you hang out in any bad neighborhood bad stuff is going to happen.

May News -Selinda Explorers Camp, Botswana

So much has been happening in May at our little Explorers Camp on the Selinda Spillway – Northern Botswana, and where to even begin seems somewhat of a challenge. We’ve had an absolutely fantastic month, not only for the spectacular sightings but for the incredible fun we’ve been having with our guests and staff. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so, here’s one thousand to start off with the rarest mammal in southern Africa right in the centre of camp – A Wild Dog.

May News – Duba Plains Camp, Botswana

Two things come to mind at Duba at the start of the floods. The thrill of seeing water in huge amounts as well as the logistical challenges that comes with the floods. At the end of the day the answer is just simple; these are not the first floods we’ve been through and not the highest we’ve seen, therefore pre-planning plays a big part. May is a month of many activities, Elephants migrating to areas where there’s water, floods rising and delta islands get smaller, roads coming underwater.

May News – Zarafa Camp, Botswana

A O.K. May  

We are going to keep this month’s weather update short and sweet by saying that there are no temperatures that cannot be overcome by a hot cup of tea or coffee at your doorstep, one of our guides’  ponchos (which have a surprising cuddly inner ☺)  and a ‘bush baby’, (bush baby is ‘safari language’ for hot water bottle) which are even more cuddly.
So, nothing to worry about! And if this does not sound like vacation in your ears, just remember that after every hour of game drive you will be peeling off one layer of clothes, guaranteed.

April News – Zarafa Camp, Botswana

Winter is coming!

Many of our followers in civilization might recognize the phrase “Winter is coming…” from the television series ‘Game of Thrones’. (For those who are  a little behind – it is apparently a very popular show so catch-up, you do not live in the bush!)

Katherine 2

April News – Duba Plains, Botswana

It has been a great leopard month. The camp main area is built around tall jackal-berry trees which are home to a troop of baboons. One evening while were sitting by the fire place we started hearing an alarm call from the baboons and we wondered what could be scaring them in the dark. The guide explained that there could be a lion, leopard or hyena walking through camp.

March News – Duba Plains, Botswana

Duba game drives still continued to amaze us during the peak summer rain season.

We’ve seen new water  channels fill up presenting the classic Okavango Delta feel to the region, surrounding the dry island of the plains.

The weather, although unpredictable, has provided some stunning vistas of emerald grasslands and for the landscape photographer an opportunity to capture the moody skies punctuated by lightning.



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