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A2A Safaris introduced the African safari to Asia and we have since arranged thousands of life-changing journeys.

Since opening our doors in 2002, A2A Safaris has grown and we now have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila and New York City. We also have representatives in China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as in Paris, Santa Fe and Cape Town.

An African safari has always been an elusive dream for many in Asia. No one knows this better than former bankers and A2A Safaris founders Jose Cortes and Victor Dizon. As avid safari enthusiasts, they experienced the challenges of organizing their own trips to Africa. This gap in the marketplace led to the launch of A2A Safaris (formerly Asia to Africa Safaris) as Asia's first Africa safari specialist in 2002.

A2A Safaris specialises in bespoke, luxury safaris to Africa. We have deep and longstanding relationships in Africa and work with a carefully curated portfolio of luxury safari properties and handpicked safari guides across the continent's most pristine wilderness areas. We are excited to be able to share our passion for Africa with our clients and other discerning travelers in Asia.

We offer a personal touch and specialise in a highly individualised service. Our clientele consists of entrepreneurs, senior executives, professionals, honeymooners, retirees and their families who are keen to experience an authentic safari and go on an exciting 'adventure' without sacrificing their creature comforts. For most people, a trip to Africa is a once in a lifetime experience and our clients know we are always ready to go the extra mile for them and their families.

We don't take a one-size fits all approach. We offer full flexibility when planning a trip. Every single safari we arrange is designed with our clients' preferences in mind including the length of their holiday, the type of scenery, culture, wildlife, food and wine and other experiences they are after, who they are travelling with, and lastly their budgets.


Our Team

Our Team

Jose Cortes

Jose cut his teeth in the jungles of Wall Street and eventually hung up his gloves as managing director of a global investment bank in Asia. He is a keen photographer, usually documenting the forests, deserts and windswept plains of Central Africa, South America, South Asia and into and around otherwordly Antarctica. When not out exploring and researching new destinations for A2A's clients, he spends his time around Asia and in Cape Town with his wife Kitty and their hounds Bella and Lucca.

Victor Dizon

Victor is an ex-investment banker who has lived and worked in the US, Europe and Asia. He has always had a passion for travel and that is what led him to co-found A2A Safaris. He has experienced all kinds of safaris including one as a solo traveler on his early safaris, a honeymoon safari with his wife and lately family safaris with his two children.

General Manager
Faith Coetzee

Faith began her career nearly 20 years ago as a travel consultant at one of Africa’s renowned safari companies. She now calls Hong Kong home where she moved in 2004 to gain international work experience while immersing herself in Asia’s historical and cultural scene. While working in Hong Kong for a leading destination management company Faith’s sales and marketing position took her frequently to parts of Europe, the States and Asia. Apart from travelling, she loves hiking the challenging trails around Hong Kong. Some of her favourite memories include spotting the elusive leopard on safari and watching the sunrise over the Gobi desert on camel safari.

Senior Travel Consultant
Kevin Bishop

A2A Senior Travel Consultant Kevin grew up watching David Attenborough's early wildlife documentaries on black and white TV, dreaming of one day travelling to Africa. Since then he has spent years living in Kenya and Cape Town and travelled extensively through some 17 countries in between. He now calls Hong Kong home, but Africa is always a close second.

Senior Travel Consultant
Cherine Lum

Cherine has worked in the corporate world for many years before turning her passion in travel into a career. She has travelled extensively around the globe and loves the experience of seeing new places and understanding diverse cultures. Cherine is an expert planner who is meticulous to the finest details in designing custom safaris and thus creating life changing experiences for her clients.

Senior Travel Consultant
Michael Scott

From an early age, Michael would spend hours poring over the family atlas planning his future travel plans - and travel he did! He has visited over 85 countries as well as having lived in Melbourne, Tokyo, Madrid, New York and now Hong Kong. In all his travels, it is the unique and diverse experiences to be had in Africa and Latin America which have really captured his imagination, and sees him returning to time and time again. This passion for travel has extended to his love of designing tailored made, bespoke travel experiences for his clients, whether they be street food tours in Peru and Mexico, authentic cultural exchanges in Bolivia, or horse riding safaris in Kenya.

Senior Travel Consultant
Ailin Mao

Ailin’s taste for adventure has seen her tracking mountain gorillas in the forests of Rwanda, dodging hippos in the thousands as she canoed down the Zambezi River, and pursuing big cats on foot in Mana Pools National Park. A champion for responsible travel, she was first drawn to Africa for its forward-thinking operators and eco-friendly luxury lodges, in awe of their ability to comfortably host guests in some of Africa’s wildest and most pristine corners. As an African safari specialist, Ailin looks forward to introducing clients to this exceptional continent, taking special care to handpick destinations and lodges that transform each safari into a veritable experience of a lifetime.

Travel Consultant
Yessa Caparas

An ex-fashion buyer, entrepreneur and indoor cycling instructor when she’s not designing trips, Yessa is not one to shy away from adventure and pursuing the road less taken. Her philosophy in travel is to get out of your comfort zone, with luxury and style.

Travel Consultant
Chelsea Kurata

Growing up in Qatar, Japan, and UK, traveling has been a part of Chelsea's life ever since she can remember. After working for a travel agency in Japan and chasing winters in Canada, Australia and Japan, she has moved to Singapore to pursue her passion of traveling through a career at A2ASafaris. She truly enjoys assisting her clients in turning their dream holiday into a real holiday.


Senior Travel Consultant
Michelle Stanvliet

Michelle began her career in travel 20 years ago as a leisure and corporate travel consultant. These roles allowed her to enjoy her passion for travel while planning holidays filled with unforgettable memories and experiences for her clients.  Michelle grew up in Cape Town and now calls the Garden Route home and here she gets to enjoy hiking, kayaking, exploring forests, lakes and spectacular scenery. She is always looking for memorable activities to share with her clients. 

Head of Latin America
Claire Betts

Claire's passion for Latin America was awakened when at the age of 12 her father was relocated to the Dominican Republic and she fell in love with the vibrant, colourful nation. Hooked on the region, she travelled through Central America and spent time volunteering in Ecuador. Later, she found her home in the north of Chile where she lived for two years. Claire worked for a leading Latin America tour operator in the UK for six years, travelling from Mexico down to Patagonia, exploring the Andes, Amazon and most bits in between. She loves using her knowledge to work together with A2A's clients to design their perfect trip.

Creative Director
Tracie Dizon

An art director, artist, and former Manhattanite, Tracie thought New York City was the center of the universe, until she went on a honeymoon safari to Africa with her husband. As A2A's creative director, she still wears black, but never on safari. 

Travel Ambassador
Penny Katigbak

A banker in her past life, Penny took a break from her fast-paced lifestyle to re-assess what career she wanted to pursue. Her passion was to talk about her travels - how she is captivated with history and culture, inspired by beautiful sceneries and just happy to experience the vibe amidst locals. The opportunity to share her enthusiasm in helping friends and family plan trips of a lifetime always enlivens her. 

Travel Ambassador
Jeremy Sy

Jeremy is A2A Safaris' bachelor businessman cum travel junkie and foodie. Passionate about his restaurants and other enterprises, he says there is nothing he loves better than seeing his clients' faces light up when they come back from their safaris.

Travel Ambassador
Rob Henares

It took Rob 12 long years to realize that he belongs to the great outdoors and not in the concrete jungle of the corporate world. A safari experience is like eating a box of chocolates... you never know what you’re gonna get.

Managing Partner New York
Edwin Gayla

Edwin was an avid client of A2A Safaris before joining the team in 2013 and he is spearheading its expansion into New York City where he has lived for over 20 years with his wife and daughter. Like Jose and Victor, he has traded Wall Street for wildlife. Previously voted by institutional investors as a top-ranked equity salesperson, Edwin’s new goal is to be a top-ranked safari specialist!

Senior Travel Consultant
Nicole Fernandez

Nicole’s lifelong passion for globetrotting began early. As the daughter of a diplomat, Nicole was brought up living and traveling between the US, Brazil and Portugal. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Biology she spent a semester in Kenya. During this time she became passionate about the continent, its people, wildlife and wide open spaces. Since then Nicole has devoted almost 2 decades to creating life changing journeys to Africa for her clients. She lives and breathes safaris and has a diehard loyal following of clients (now friends) because of her highly personalized, detailed and knowledgeable style. Nicole is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Travel Consultant
Lieze Engelbrecht

Lieze joined the A2A team with a slate of diverse work experiences and was ultimately drawn to eco-tourism because of her passion for nature and exploring new places. A native of Cape Town, Lieze looks forward to planning unforgettable safari experiences for clients, and hopes that they enjoy the magnificent wildlife and breathtaking views that her home continent has to offer. Lieze has traveled around the United States and currently lives in New York, a city she loves for its vibrant culture and diverse culinary scene.

Travel Consultant
Aireen Navarro - Khauv

Aireen is an adventure enthusiast who has worked in the travel and nonprofit sectors. Having travelled extensively, she believes that a safari to Africa is THE “ultimate adventure” that no one should miss. She enjoys customizing itineraries and hearing her clients’ memorable safari experiences. Aireen currently lives in California with her husband and daughter.


Head of Booking and Reservations
Marc Marcelo

Marc has been working at A2A Safaris since early 2013 and it’s been a blast. Travelling and football are two of his passions. However, he's no Lionel Messi so he did the smart thing and chose the travel industry instead!

Booking and Reservations
Karel Ijeda

To travel the world has been one of Karel's biggest dreams since her teenage years. To explore God's breath-taking creations and to help others visit a paradise like Africa is a source of great satisfaction for her.

Booking and Reservations
Maribeth Vidal

Being in the travel industry for 7 years before joining A2A Safaris, Maribeth developed a passion for travel, food and culture. She loves discovering new places and meeting new people. She believes that to travel is to learn.

Booking and Reservations
Paula Karunungan

I’m an aspiring traveller who wants to explore the world. I want to know and experience different cultures, food and places for adventures. I believe that every place we go has hidden gems that they want us to unravel. I have the passion and love for travel because it give us the opportunity to live our life to the fullest. And I believe that you need to fill your life with adventures and not things.

Booking and Reservations
Patricia Decuzar

Born and raised in Manila, Pat is keen on digital arts like photography and graphic design. She's not only passionate about arts but also in travel. She pursued a degree in Travel and Tourism Management for her to understand and widen her knowledge of the industry. Pat is also an adventure seeker who finds travelling as a form of relaxation and releasing negative vibes. She believes that travelling is one of the few things you can buy that can make you richer.

Booking and Reservations
Laarni Collantes

Laarni grew up in a family who worked in the airline and travel industry. Inspired by the people around her, she pursued and attained a degree in Bachelors of Science in Tourism Management. She shares a passion for travel with her family, exploring different places together and growing their relationship through travel. She also loves music and musical instruments as these keep her calm and relaxed.

Head of Finance and Admin
Mark Raquinio

A2A's resident CPA, Mark is always mesmerized everytime he watches wildlife in their natural habitat showcasing their survival skills. And being with A2A gives him an extra ordinary shot of adrenaline as merging work and encounters with wildlife and other stunning gifts of nature is such a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Finance and Administration
Lean Alcantara

In line with her dream to become a successful Accountant, Lean has an intimate passion for nature. One of her ways to loosen up after engaging to the outside world is to find peace in nature. She's best at this and wants her family and friends to experience the same. She thirsts for more adventure with nature and thinks that there are more to see and explore. She strongly believes that nature in not just a place to visit, it is home.


Why Us?

Knowledge & Experience

We have extensive knowledge and first-hand experience gained from planning our own safaris and arranging several thousand safaris since the 1990s. We have planned many of our own safaris using trusted safari specialists around the world so we know what to look for and expect from high quality safari lodges and camps, activities and guides. Several members of our team have lived in Africa and all our travel consultants travel to Africa on a regular basis to ensure their knowledge is always up to date.

We Specialise in Africa

We specialise in luxury safaris to remote African wilderness areas and we are very familiar with the products and services we recommend. We have been to all of the safari camps and lodges in our portfolio numerous times and during different seasons, so we know all these properties intimately. We keep up to date – on a daily basis – on developments in the various countries, game reserves and safari lodges in our portfolio. A2A Safaris co-founder Jose Cortes is currently based in Africa scouting for new destinations and experiences for our clients and strengthening our longstanding relationships with key players on the African safari circuit.


We are headquartered in Asia with a presence in most of its major cities. We offer our clients the convenience of dealing with a local company in the same country or, at the very least, the same time zone. We are familiar with the unique needs of our Asian clientele, from visa requirements and optimal flight routes to current conditions in Africa, including weather and wildlife movements. We understand concerns from an Asian perspective, such as safety, sanitation and hygiene, as well as shopping and dining. We also provide full service for all aspects of a safari, including extensions to Cape Town, Victoria Falls and the island resorts of the Seychelles and Zanzibar.

Competitive Pricing

Given the complexity of organising a high quality African safari, we provide FREE advice to our clients, drawing on almost two decades of experience in planning and arranging safaris. We are independent and are therefore not obligated to recommend certain safari camps and lodges, allowing us to focus on building the best possible experiences for our clients according to personal travel preferences. Due to our deep relationships with our African partners and our proven business volume, our prices are lower than booking direct. 


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